Lactation support

Lactation Support

Breastfeeding or chestfeeding your baby can be a wonderful and rewarding experience. Its important to acknowledge that although natural, nursing your baby is a learned skill for both parent and infant and like all skills takes time and practice to perfect. There are many things that can cause difficulty on your feeding journey, some can be simple little hiccups and others can be extremely challenging.

At Heart Belly & Soul we strive to support diverse feeding strategies, in a respectful and inclusive manner because every family is unique.

Ways we can support your feeding Journey:

Homeopathy & Nutritional support:

  • Support in milk production
  • Treat common nursing related ailments
  • Support for infants with colic, reflux, or poor nursing reflexes

Gentle bodywork:

  • Craniosacral therapy for baby to address physical issues with nursing
  • Tongue and lip tie support
  • Tokumoto osteopathic technique for optimal breast health
  • Gentle bodywork for the nursing parent to improve flow and release tension in the body

Postpartum Doula support:

  • provides an expert pair of hands to take the pressure off
  • provide techniques and encouragement
  • take care of other children, pets, or chores so you can focus on feeding baby
  • Twins and preemie support

You deserve to feel radiant, nourished and supported in your feeding journey and we would love to work with you to achieve your goals.