Virtual Services

In these unprecedented times, maintaining safe access to care is vital. This is why we have expanded to provide flexible virtual appointments. These appointments are identical to our in person appointments, except in the comfort of your own home! Virtual appointments also allow for clients with mobility issues or who live outside our catchment area to access flexible healthcare. We believe the best defense against illness is a strong and vibrant body and immune system and would love to work with you to achieve that without any unnecessary travel.

How do they work?

We can connect over video chat or phone, so we can discuss your health concerns or treatment progress. Any supplements or homeopathic remedies will then be delivered to your mailbox or we can arrange contactless pickup at the clinic.

What Services are available?

Virtual services are available for all Homeopathy and Functional Nutrition appointment including requisitions for functional labs. Limited Doula services and lactation support may also be available.